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Student Spotlight: Abby

Hi Rubato peeps! We've decided to start a new series on this blog called "Student Spotlight," where we will showcase a different student every Friday! We're so proud of our super awesome students, and we are very excited to share their talents with you! So without further ado, meet Abby!

Student Spotlight June 1st, 2018

Abby says:

"I'm eleven years old and I go to Colonia Middle School. I've been dancing at "Dancin in the Spotlight" since I was six, and I like to play piano. My favorite thing about playing piano is doing different songs in my lesson book."

Abby is a fantastic student and she's been taking lessons with Antonia for about two years now. In those two years, Abby has progressed through many lesson books and is the scale champion with 21 out of 24 scales already under her belt! Recently, she started her first Bach piece, "Minuet in G," and she is now making really great progress with the Mozart Sonata in C. We're always so impressed by Abby's work ethic and positive attitude every time she comes to the studio! Go Abby!

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