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Student Spotlight: Cara

The weeks have flown by leading up to our Progressive Vs. Psychedelic Rock Show! The show is next week, and we're really excited to start running through the whole set in rehearsal tonight. This week's Student Spotlight is on another of our super talented Rubato Rock Band students, Cara! Cara plays piano, and you can come see her play next Sunday, the 24th, at The Crossroads in Garwood!

Cara Student Spotlight 6/15/18

Cara says:

"I'm 13 years old and I go to Brearley Middle/High School. My interests include softball, Charlie Put, Shawn Mendes, and Friends (the TV show). I like Rubato Rock Band because it gives me experience with performing in front of crowds. Rock Band also allows me to meet new people from different towns."

Cara is crazy talented and one of the fastest learners we know! She has only been taking lessons for a few months, and she's already rocking difficult songs like "Tom Sawyer" by Rush. Cara and her sister, Jenna, make a dynamic duo in Rubato Rock Band, and they always keep us laughing and smiling! We can't wait to see what Cara will do next in the 80's show- there are lots of fun synth parts to come! Go Cara!

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