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Student Spotlight: Scot

Hey Rubato peeps! The Progressive Vs. Psychedelic Rock show was a huge success! ROCKappella and the Rubato Rock Band sounded amazing, and the crowd loved their performance. We took a one week hiatus after the show, but we are back in action this week. Rehearsals for our next show have already begun, and this show's theme is... drumroll please... the 80's! From rock and punk, to pop, new wave, metal, and more, the students will be performing all sorts of hits from the decade of big hair, synths and unforgettable fashion choices. Without further ado, meet Rubato Rock Band's resident keyboard player and ROCKappella's newest singer... Scot Brown!

Scot says:

"I am a 6th grader at Lincoln School. I love comedy and hope to be a comedian when I grow up. I also love technology, old and new. I adore animals and biology as well. I like being in Rubato Rock Band because I get to show off a bit! Some of my favorite artists are Muse, Panic! At The Disco, and Fall Out Boy."

Scot has been with us here at Rubato Music since the very beginning, and we have seen him make an extraordinary amount of progress. He brings some serious comedy to the Rock Band rehearsals, and is alway making his fellow bandmates laugh and smile. From classical pieces, to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the synth solo from "Jump," Scot can play it all! You go Scot!

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