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Student Spotlight: CT

It's been a busy week preparing for this Sunday's "Progressive Vs. Psychedelic Rock" show, and these students have never sounded better! We love seeing all of our wonderful students grow over the years, and we've already seen tremendous growth from this week's Student Spotlight in just 9 short months. Introducing... CT!

CT Student Spotlight

CT says:

"CT is 5 years old and will be going into Kindergarten at St. Theresa's School in the Fall. He loves playing with his little sister and baby brother. He enjoys school, sports (especially T-ball and soccer), martial arts, puzzles and games, going on carnival rides, swimming, and being with his friends. CT also loves music- playing instruments, singing songs, and dancing around. He began taking piano lessons when he was 4 years old. He is a quick learner and wants to learn how to play the drums and the guitar too. CT is a happy, caring, fun-loving kid who is willing to try different activities and just enjoys life!"

We couldn't have said it better! CT is an absolute dream to have as a student- he comes in prepared and excited to learn every week, and has an amazing innate talent for music. He has already finished his first piano book, and is now in the middle of the second. We love CT's enthusiasm towards music and his interest in new instruments, and we know he will go far! You go CT!

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